Exchange Student


How to Apply Exchange program

Required documents

Nominees fill in online application form and send  1-9 documents to our school

1. Application form (fill in computer and print out and sign it)

2. Face photos (2-inch bust and hatless photo)
  The photos should come in 2-inch bust and hatless photo and not scanned.  The photo will be 
  made public and is required for your student ID card.

3. Copy of applicant's passport
  Please make sure that the copy of the passport should inclulde the photo and the passport is
  valid during your stay in NTPU.

4. Certificate of Enrollment in the home institution

5. Certificate of health in English 
  Certificate of health should be issued by your government approved hospital or clinic. The health
  certificate should include basic physical examination (ex: height, weight, blood pressure, vision,
  oral, color vision...etc), Chest X-Ray, Blood and Urine test.

6. English official academic transcript

7. Recommendation letters written in English or in Chinese

8. Statement of purpose or Study plan 

9. Authorization for emergency

10. TOEFL/IELTS score sheet and TOCLF score Sheet


Applicant Qualification

1.Applicants should be nominated by our partner schools and have completed at least one year of 
  study in their home institutions before applying for exchange student programme. Applicants should make sure that they have been nominated by their home institution before application because individual application is not acceptable.

2.We do not accept international applicants whose nationalities are China.

After filling out the online application form, applicants should submit all required documents before the deadline.


Application Procedures

STEP 1:After applicants are nominated by the home institution.(Coordinator fills in online nomination form)   

STEP 2:Nominees fill in online application form and upload documents.

STEP 3: upload all required documents online and send application form and related documents to our school.

Once we receive all documents, we will make the initial assessment. If everything is completed, we will nominate the applicants to the Faculty/Program that the applicants would select.

STEP 4: Faculty/Program will put the applicants to the selection process. (This process takes 2-3 weeks after the application deadline).

STEP 5: If the student is selected, National Taipei University will provide he/she a Letter of Acceptance (This letter is for student to apply for the visa).