Exchange Student

Q&A (Courses)

Q1: How to register for courses?

There are three periods for registering courses: primary election, course adding and withdrawal.  Please follow the calendar and use the student information system to sign up.       

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*Academic Calendar :

Q2: What kind of courses can I take?

Exchange students are able to choose courses from different departments under the approval of the course instructors.  

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Q3: Why can't I find the courses that I want to enroll?

Check the courses you want to take, whether they are for graduates or undergraduates (Serial No. start with U is for undergraduates, with M is for Master degree)

Ex. Mandarin course is for undergraduates; for those who are not undergraduates, please wait for cross- department-course-selection (Course Selection System for Taking Courses of Bachelor Program).

Q4: Can I take the full academic year courses if I only stay for one semester?

You can choose the courses during the course adding/ dropping period. However, if you start your exchange in February, please consider or discuss with the professor whether you can catch up with the course.

Q5: What should I do if I can't enroll the course during the add/ drop courses period?

When certain class is full and not available on Course Selection System, exchange students could add or drop courses on significant grounds. To complete the process, students should fill in the application form online (student information system), print it out, finish the process and submit the application form to Curriculum Section. 

Q6: How to withdraw courses?

After dropping courses period, you can still withdraw one course each semester around midterm exam. Withdraw course will still be listed on the transcript with "W"(withdraw)  marked in the grade section.

P.s. If you have any problem you could contact with Curriculum Section. ( 3F, Administration Building)

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