Exchange Student

Q&A (Living)

Q1: What is the content of the" Dormitory information "?

Students will be staying at four-person rooms which offer each student with a single bed, a closet, a desk, and a chair, a shoe rack, plug-in internet access, shared air conditioners, a shower room, refrigerator (on the 9th floor). Also, there is a small balcony outside the room. Public facilities include kitchens and laundry rooms. Self-service laundry is available on each floor in the dorm, 10NTD for washer and 10 NTD for the dryer.                                                                 

*No mattress    
*If you have any problem you could contact with Student Housing Section.            

*Use the link for more details: 



Q2: What should I be aware of while living in the dorm?

◎ Drinking, gambling, fighting, and smoking are strictly prohibited. ( No alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or other illegal substances in the room)
◎ Switching facilities, cooking utensils inside the room are not allowed.
◎ Redecoration, alteration, remodeling and etc. are not permitted.
◎ A heater is not allowed to use in the room.
◎ Students must pay NTD600 in a case of loss of a key.

Q3: When should I pay for the dorm?

Fees must be paid on exact date (Within two weeks after) and must pay at once, not monthly or weekly.

Q4: Transportation

◎ Bus: You can take                                                                                                     

(1) BUS 916 to MRT Yongning Station (永寧, Blue Line) $30

(2) BUS 932 to MRT Fuzhong station (府中, Blue Line) or Banqiao Train Station,$30                                   

(3) BUS 939 to MRT Taipei City Hall (Xinyi Dist.), $45

◎Need to swipe the Easy Card while taking on and off the bus. (Swipe twice)                                              ◎ MRT: Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not allowed on the MRT and in the station.                        ◎ U-bike: After registering at the kiosks, you can use your Easy Card to rent a bike. ( First 30 mins is free in New Taipei City)  

*Use the link for more details:

*Transportation Information PDF (Download)

Q5: How can I get to the campus from the airport?

Take CitiAir Bus(大有巴士) No.1968 and get off at Sanxia En Chu Kong Hospital.
Price:NT$75 (Cash Only)
Time:take about 30 minutes, buses come every hour, from 06:30 a.m. to 1:10 a.m.
Walk along Fuxing Rd. for about 15 minutes, turn left at Guoxing Rd and walk about 5 minutes to get to the dorm.  

*Use the link for more details:

Q6: Insurance

◎ NTPU international students are obliged to carry NTPU Student Safety Insurance
◎ Coverage: Death, disability or hospitalization due to accidents

Q7: Medical

Health Care Center
Location: Sanxia Campus Administration Building 1F
◎ Provide health advisory and basic medical services in our Health Care Center with doctors from reliable hospitals (Mon. to Fri. 2P.m.-4P.m.). Free with student ID.
◎ Other choices: En Chu Kong Hospital( Get a discount with student ID, address: 339 Fuxing Rd, Sanxia  Dist., New Taipei City) or any other clinics near our school.

Q8: Where to buy daily necessities?

◎ Carrefour:
Leave from NTPU's main gate and go straight about 15 minutes, Starbucks will be on your right-hand side, then turn right, you will see the entrance of Carrefour.
◎ “全聯” Supermarket (Pxmart):
Leave from NTPU's side entrance and go straight about 5 minutes; then, you can see it on your right side. 

Q9: How to get cell phone number?

There are three telecommunication companies: Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan mobile, Fareastone, on the first floor in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Taoyuan Airport.                                                                                    
Only one telecommunication company, Chunghwa Telecom at Taipei Songshan Airport. 

Q10: How's the weather?/ What should I wear?

◎ In spring, temperatures usually vary from 19-29 °C (66-84 °F). We suggest bringing a jacket for cold days.
◎ In summer, temperatures usually vary from 26-34 °C (78-93 °F). There will also be high humidity. We suggest wearing shorts, t-shirts, and perhaps a hat for sun protection. 
◎ In autumn, temperatures vary on average from 19-30 °C (66-86 °F).  It is usually the most comfortable weather in spring and fall, so you shouldn't worry too much about proper clothing. 
◎ In winter, temperatures range from 14-26 °C (57-78 °F), which is nearly 100% humidity can be quite chilly. If you are going to be in the outdoors, we suggest wearing wind-proof clothing, as the humid wind might still go straight through a wool sweater.