Exchange Student

Q&A (Campus)

Q1: Does your campus provide Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi service covers all the classroom in Sanxia Campus, however, there's only local area network available in the dorm.

*Campus WIFI:
ID (first column) : S+Stuedent ID number
Password (second column) : yyyymmdd (your birthday ex:19950101)

Q2: What can I do with my student ID card?

◎ The ID card can be used as an EasyCard (you can use it to pay the bus fee and U-bike), library and dormitory access card.
◎ Some tickets purchased with a student ID card will be relevant discounts.
◎ If you lost your card, please go to the Registration Section and apply for reissuance. You will be charged NT$250.

Q3. Where to eat? 

There are students restaurant at B1of College of business and Administration Building.

Q4: Where can I find the printing service?

You can find it on the first floor of College of Humanities, and also in the convenient stores.

Q5: Is there any English version of campus map?



P.s. SPECIAL NOTICE: No Smoking in the campus!