此活動將赴宜蘭龍潭湖廣興農場,深度體驗當地豐富的文化風情與傳統手作工藝, 歡迎國際學生、交換生及僑外陸生一起同樂。

活動日期: 2019.11.23(六)
活動地點: 宜蘭
活動對象: 本校國際學生、交換生35名及僑外陸生35名,共70名
活動費用: 免費
報名方式: 請至線上報名(額滿即止。

報名截止: 2019年11月17日

0800 於三峽校區前門集合後出發
0815 於民生校區前門集合後出發
0915-1030 龍潭湖
1100-1200 廣興農場
1700 賦歸

OIA is arranging a field trip for International students 、Exchange students and Overseas&Cross-Strait students .
We are going to Yilan to visit the natural scenery and explore local humanism. Let’s go together to enjoy the beautiful landscape and traditional culture.

Please find the information as below:
Event information:
Date: Nov. 23 (Saturday)
Place: Yilan
Eligible Participants:International students、Exchange students and Overseas&Cross-Strait students(NTPU)
Quota: 70 students
( International students、Exchange students: 35 + Overseas&Cross-Strait students: 35)
Fee: FreeHow to Apply: Online registration(

Application closes immediately after the mission is full.
Registration deadline: Nov. 17 , 2019
Notice: If your application is accepted, we will inform you by the mail before Nov. 19.
(Please make sure the email address is correct.)
Time Schedule:
0800 Meeting up at the front gate of Sanxia campus,then set off
0815 Meeting up at the front gate of Taipei campus,then set off
0915-1030 Long tan Lake
1100-1630 Cuang Shing farm
1700 Heading back to school