1. Objective: This program is designed to help international students settle in, and addresses academic, adjustment and safety concerns to the National Taipei University. University staff members will support you throughout your studies in NTPU. All international students (including degree-seeking students) are required to register.


2.活動時間: 2017年9月11日(星期一) 0830~1200

2.Schedule:2017 Sept. 11th (Mon) 0830~1200


3. 活動地點:

(1) 報到處:

    中國、港澳生報到處: 行政大樓四樓3號會議室

     其他學生報到處: 行政大樓四樓2號會議室

(2) 新生入學輔導說明會: 行政大樓四樓1號會議室


    (1) Reception:

        Students from China, HK, Macao:A Bldg., 4th F, #3 Meeting Rm.

        Students from other areas: A Bldg., 4th F, #2 Meeting Rm.

    (2) Orientation:Administration Bldg., 4th F, #1 Conference Rm.



Please refer to the table below for more info: